Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival! Free Download


Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival! is a fan-made horror game that is available for Free Download here on our website. This game is made inspired by the famous horror FNAF game series.

Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival! features the carnival where they use animatronic for performances. You will be playing as the maintenance technician, who makes sure every attraction is in proper use.

However, you will later be able to see some mysterious behaviors and actions that come from those animatronic characters. And you surely know, as an FNAF fan, what is happening inside those animatronic robots.

Welcome to Fazbear's Carnival
Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival

You will cooperate with a friend named Peter to unravel the mysteries happening in that place. All animatronic characters are aiming to kill someone, and the closest one that they can reach is you.

You will have to survive against those animatronic characters for five nights with some new characters. There are many soundtracks and models that are made specialized for this game only.

We have provided some screenshots to show you more information about this game. As we don’t want to spoil the game to you anymore, it will be better for you to download and try it out yourself. Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival is free here on our website.