Ultimate Custom Night Free Download

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As a Five Nights at Freddy’s mashup game, when playing Ultimate Custom Night Version free download, you’ll notice subtle features from all seven FNaF games as you play.

Including over 50 selectable animatronic characters that you’ve come across in the FNaF series, you can also set their difficulty level.

Apart from having to manage two side doors, two vents and two air hoses inside your office, you have to manage other features from previous games such as a heater, A/C, music box, and many more.
If that isn’t challenging enough for you, the level of complexity has risen as you’ll also need to set laser traps around the office. With sixteen levels to complete, you can collect Faz-Coins to purchase items and unlock office skins.



Along with mastering a series of tools, always remember to keep your eyes wide open and expect the unexpected. You never know when you’re coming. Click here to download Ultimate Custom Night.

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