Ultimate Custom Night Free Download For PC

4.5/5 - (2 votes)

Ultimate Custom Night Free Download For PC lets you modify the toughness of up to 50 animatronics. Set their levels and conquer them!

Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night

About the game

You are entering the ultimate FNAF mashup universe where you deal with plenty of animatronic characters. They come from FNaF games by Scott Cawthon. There is something a little bit different about this “special night”. The reason why it is called “ultimate” is the night gathers all animatronic robots. It allows you to mix and match any characters. You can also set their toughness from 0 to 20. So, feel free to make them harder or easier, then, enter the adventure to beat them.

As you start the adventure, you should get some strategies ready because the playstyle of the animatronics remains the same. In other words, you will fight them off just like what you did in the previous games. You have to manage several things, for instance, two side doors, two air hoses, as well as two vents. You must protect all entrances into your office. Otherwise, the animatronics come inside and jumpscare you.

What are the features in Ultimate Custom Night?

The game adds tools and features to optimize your gameplay. You use them to finish the ultimate challenges:

  • You can enable a variety of tools, such as the heater, A/C, a power generator, a global music box, etc.
  • Place some laser traps in the vents to get the animatronics trapped if they come from the vents.
  • Complete missions for Faz-Coins and use them to buy items.
  • Unlock new office skins and cutscenes.
  • There is a Challenge menu with 16 challenges that have different themes.
  • Impress voice acting for the old and new animatronics.

Ultimate Custom Night takes you to the ultimate challenge. Download the game then play to conquer it all!


4.5/5 - (2 votes)