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Twisted Reality: Origins Free Download

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Twisted Reality: Origins Free Download

Twisted Reality: Origins is a horror game that is free for download here on our website. You will be playing the game as a criminal, running away and lost in an abandoned empty building.



The game takes place in 1989, after the event in the Freddy’s Fazbear Pizzeria, all the animatronics are abandoned in a building. You will be playing as Mike Mell, a prisoner who is chasing down by police. You run into the building by mistake and discover that you have made a terrible decision.

You will find out there are many weird metal sounds that occur at night, which don’t come from humans. You later will discover that the place is home to some creepy robots. Which are the animatronic characters from the previous games of the series?

Twisted Reality: Origins

Twisted Reality: Origins

You have no choice but to stay in the building to avoid the polices. However, you just can’t feel calm when staying with those animatronic robots, which seem to look for humans. Who knows what they will do to you if they can find you.

You will play the game using the mouse for controlling actions. You will be able to discover some hidden secrets related to the original games. Download Twisted Reality: Origins for free now and try it out.

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