Those Nights at Random’s: Rebooted Free Download

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Those Nights at Random’s: Rebooted is an interesting game bases on Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. This game promises to bring to you more wonderful experiences when playing. Now you can free download it to enjoy it!

Those Nights at Random's: Rebooted
Those Nights at Random’s: Rebooted

About Those Nights at Random’s: Rebooted free download

This game will turn you back to 1996. R. Animatronics Company after closing its previous location decides to start new and advanced animatronics for entertainment. From here some strange thing will begin to happen.

It is obvious that Random’s Pizza Land will become a great option for a lot of people for events, since the animatronics, the main attraction here is almost human-like personalities. However, everything is not the same as your thought and there are some strange things here.

Like the original game, you are hired to become the nightguard to look after the animatronics robots. In that time you will begin to feel those robots know much more than you had thought. And in this game, you have to work the night shift in order to gain that sweet dough.

Now this game is available for you to free download now. Those Nights at Random’s: Rebooted certainly does not make you disappointed. Good luck!


5/5 - (1 vote)