Those Nights at Rachel’s Free Download For PC

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You are a new night guard in Those Nights at Rachel’s Free Download For PC. Your job is to survive animatronics’ attacks through nights.

Those Nights at Rachel's
Those Nights at Rachel’s

What will you do at Rachel’s?

Doug’s n’ Rachel’s is a popular restaurant in the town. It attracts plenty of people and children to come to enjoy tasty foods. Not only that, but they can also watch special stages performed by the restaurant’s animatronics. Since the place is thriving more, the owner needs a guard who can work through nights. His job is to safeguard the building. He must ensure that nothing wrong will happen.

You are the night guard that the owner is looking for. When you begin working here, you have to perform means of defenses. Try to scroll through the security tablet as you attempt to keep the place safe. You thought this was just a simple job. However, it is not like that. The animatronics seem to be crazy at night. Instead of taking a rest after performances on stage, they roam through the restaurant. They want to tease you through nights. Therefore, you have to protect yourself at all costs.

Those Nights at Rachel’s is a famous FNAF fan-game for its exclusive features

The title is actually a tribute game for Those Nights at Fredbear’s that was already canceled. They all take inspiration from the famous Scott Cawthon’s game – Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, every single title has its own charm when it brings unique features, and so does this one.

  • Diverse mechanics, both new and custom.
  • An extraordinary storyline that players will explore.
  • There are various brand new animatronics that you deal with through nights.
  • And more

Will you uncover the mysteries at Rachel’s and escape away from the building? Download Those Nights at Rachel’s game to experience it all.


4/5 - (2 votes)