The Return of Fazbear (Official)

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The Return of Fazbear (Official) takes you to the Fazbear Fright full of Toy Phantom Animatronics. You have to manage to survive those creatures.

The Return of Fazbear

When it comes to the horror game genre, it is worth mentioning Five Nights at Freddy’s games by Scott Cawthon. It is because these games have become an inspiration source. This has been proven by lots of FNAF-like games made by fans. Among those games, you should download and try playing the title mentioned above. It centers on a burned horror attraction named Fazbear Fright. After a year of the incident, the owner decided to bring this place back. They hire you as a guard of the place. You are Enry who works here for several nights to check on the animatronics. All animatronics seem to stay static. However, a strange entity gives them the old souls of the toy animatronics. Hence, these creatures now make movements and attempt to jumpscare you. The game forces you to survive if you want to win!

The Return of Fazbear comes with an official version that is free to download on PC. It comes with extras menus, many jumpscares, voice acting, a mysterious story, and so forth. Play to experience them all!


5/5 - (1 vote)