The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition Free Download For PC

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The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition Free Download For PC forces you to beat Ignited Springtrap. Deal with him and try to survive the night.

The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition
The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition

About the fan game

Make your Halloween much scarier with this FNAF fan game. Taking inspiration from Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s, the title adds many horror elements. It also has several features from FNaF 3, which makes it more challenging and creepier.

In this Halloween version of The Joy of Creation, you come to Fazbear’s Fright establishment where you will cope with Ignited Springtrap. There are some objectives you have to finish while you try to dodge him. You have to search for a hammer, smash the 6 pipes then try to grab the lighter. Do whatever it takes to return to the front of the building safely. Because Springtrap roams everywhere, you must watch your surroundings.

Your phones turn into a camera system in the title. You can use them to search for the animatronic as well as use the audio to scare him away. After finishing the tasks, you make your way through the burning attraction. This is before you take damage from Springtrap. You slowly approach his head then take off his mask. You will see the corpse of Purple Guy inside Springtrap. This is how you finish the game.

What are the features in TJOC: HE?

Besides the tough gameplay, you also experience some features as you enter this adventure, for instance:

  • You will go through the full free roam, not partial like other titles.
  • Enjoy the custom music and sounds in your adventure.
  • The game has a small voice acting. You can hear the voices of the character.

Let The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition puts your bravery to a test. Meet Springtrap then see if you can beat him!


5/5 - (3 votes)