The Diner Free Download

The Diner, which is for free download here, is designed by a fan of the well-known Five Nights At Freddy’s series. He aims to bring a great horror game for the fan community with a lot of interesting features.

The Diner
The Diner

The game basically still stays true to the plot of the original game. This time, you also play the role of an employee who is hired to work as a guard for the night shift. Your job will start at 12 am and finish at 7 am tomorrow.

All you need to do is to monitor the surveillance camera system set up in your office in order to make sure of the safety of equipment as well as animatronic characters. We want to let you know that the robots will tend to move at night and behave unpredictably. They will try to approach and attack someone they see in the establishment. As a result, if you realize that they leave their position and start to roam around the building, try anyway to drive them off and protect yourself.

The game contains loud noise, effect sounds, and a lot of jumpscares. Be careful if you are easily disturbed physically and mentally.

Quickly download The Diner for free here and try your best to survive until 7 am.