Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic’s Free Download

Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic’s is a cool game that is highly recommended for all fans of the horror genre. Inspirited by the official FNAF series, the game definitely makes you pleased at first sight. Download it for free simply by a click here.

Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic's
Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic’s


This time, the game comes with a story that centers around an elder male named Federico. This man planned to open a local ecology with the attraction of food full of natural ingredients and animatronic robots. This new location is known as Fedetronic’s Burger Kingdom which is a great choice for adults to find their nostalgic childhood.

New animatronic robots will make their debut, Pup, Lucky Cat, Helenore Duck, or even Frederick Wolf, etc. They have forgotten for 30 years. All you need to do is to try your best to complete five terrible nights. You have to notice the behavior and movement of the robots and protect yourself. The game features 12 characters in total. You can make use of a timed security door, the music box, and a surveillance window if needed.

Notice that the game includes loud noises and jumpscares that can make you jump.

If you are ready to enjoy the game, download Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic’s for free here.