Static² – The AfterStories

Static² – The AfterStories is an interesting fan-made game that bases on the famous horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game promise to make you addicted right from the first play.

Static² – The AfterStories
Static² – The AfterStories

About Static² – The AfterStories game

This game is the story of the man in the former “Fredbear’s and Friends” native pizza parlor. Unluckily, he was seen when native officers were working out what crystal rectifier to the fireplace on the eating house.

Besides that, at this time, there is the information about William Afton who was prisoned last week when proving that he was accountable for the murder of over ten years past. And the reason will also begin from here.

He said that he didn’t kill her. So what is the truth?

Now you are getting into the Fredbear’s cellar, and it’s trying to harass with things. However, you drop deeply into it, and you’ve got to undertake to urge out of the beasts that square measure computation you out. This task is not easy for you. Try to do that!

Static² – The AfterStories will open up real-world stories. So please download this game and experience it now. The mysterious things are waiting for you ahead!