Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted Free Download

Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted is a fan-made game that is available for Free Download here on our website. This game is made inspired by the FNAF horror game series, extending the main games.

Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted is more like a visual novel horror game since it provides players with a lot of different endings, which can be decided by their actions in the game. And it still uses the first-person perspective of view.

The game features 25 years after the destruction of the entire Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria. There is a person who decides to open another restaurant in the same location, which uses the same animatronic characters for attracting customers. The new pizza place called Shooting Stars Pizzeria.

Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted
Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted

And things will happen in the same way, those animatronics will walk at night and you are the person that is hired to be the night guard for the restaurant. In those nights at the restaurant, you will observe many strange behaviors from the animatronics.

While many original animatronic characters are kept remained, some new characters are added to add difficulties to the game. Look at the screenshots for more information about Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted it and download it for free if you like it.