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SCP – The Endurance Free Download

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SCP – The Endurance Free Download

SCP – The Endurance is the combination of two famous horror game, it is Free for Download here on our website. It takes inspiration for both the SCP Facility and FNAF famous horror game series.



The combination of both games has brought a lot of awesome features in the game. You will get realistic from SCP and the storyline and gameplay from FNAF, which are the strength of those games.

The scare of this combination thus also double, you will be surprised by how scary they have made this game. Characters from SCP are famous for their horror appearance, which will scare any bravest player.

SCP - The Endurance

SCP – The Endurance

The gameplay of the FNAF series is awesome, which is voted as one of the greatest horror games. Players will be able to play as the night guard in a horror place, in which they can face a huge number of scary characters.

There will be not a lot of tools and weapons that players can use for defending themselves. They can only get access to some cameras, light torches, switches, and doors. Those items will help you block their path and avoid them from reaching you.

SCP – The Endurance is available for free download on our website. Download it now and try it out by yourself.

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