PYRO-ILLUSION Free Download For PC

PYRO-ILLUSION Free Download For PC is a horror adventure where you work at Roxy’s. You keep the place safe while defeating Roxy and Loxy’s band.


There is a story about Roxy Loxy and her friends

Five Nights at Roxy’s is the previous title of the game. However, the author changed its name to avoid bearing similarities to FNaF by Scott Cawthon. The game takes place after the closure of Fazbear Entertainment. Nobody knows why the restaurant closed down. There are several rumors about it, such as bankruptcy, bad reputation, missing children, etc.

People could not take off those rumors. They keep thinking about them. However now, they tend to seek a new place for entertainment. This is when Roxy and Friends Pizza World becomes more popular. The place is famous for Roxy and her friends. They are ready to amuse kids as well as grown-ups. It is such a fantastic paradise where only joys reside.

Because Roxy Loxy’s band is made of the original robotic structures from the previous restaurant, they act like their predecessors. Therefore, it is more likely that the animatronics roam through the building at night. You become a night guard of the place, and your job is to watch those animatronics as well as keep the place safe.

Before you download PYRO-ILLUSION to your PC

Prior to getting it on your computer, you should look at several system requirements. This helps you know if Five Nights at Roxy’s can run on your PC.

  • Check your RAM. Make sure the computer has 4 GB of Ram or more.
  • The display size should be equivalent to or larger than 720p.
  • Currently, the title takes up around 1.8 GB.

PYRO-ILLUSION Free Download is one of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s alternatives. Play to see how brave you are!