Project: Freddy & Remastered Free Download


Project: Freddy and Remastered Free Download was advanced by BubyGamer 11. The demo of the game was launched on January 8th, 2018, and officially introduced. At this time, it was only a survival frightening game with a little violent aspects inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. This game is now accessible for Windows or Android devices, but not for MAC or iOS devices


Project: Freddy and Remastered supports the player to adjust the settings as what they desire. This game is established the background of the pizzeria call Freddy’s Restaurant. The player will play a role as a security guard in the night shift from midnight to 6 AM the next morning.

Project: Freddy & Remastered
Project: Freddy & Remastered

Your leading responsibility is to pay attention to everything and assure that they are available for the next day business. Nonetheless, the animatronics will not let you do this. They are out of control and try to attack any moving thing on their way. To protect yourself, you are supplied with the mobile to locate the animatronics’ stand and the camera system to follow them alongside an office with two safety doors.

However, you could have the limited power to maintain these things. You need to be careful in any step.


Project: Freddy and Remastered Free Download will bring you the excitement with the frightening feelings. Would you survive through 5 nights in this horror game?