Porkchop’s Adventure Free Download

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Porkchop’s Adventure is the cute fan-game of the FNaF franchise. It is Free Download for all fans on our website.

The game starts at your workplace. You finish your work and are leaving. Unfortunately, the elevator has broken down and you are stuff in this place. During this time, you can join a platforming game named “Wonder World: A New Adventure” with Porkchop and Friendly Pig who are venturing and exploring many horror places to rescue his friends. You have to overcome 3 different stages, don’t care the noise outside and unlock new moves. You also look for trinkets and discover many hidden secrets. Some features of this game are as below:

Porkchop's Adventure
Porkchop’s Adventure
  • This game includes a lot of your favorite characters from Joe’s Wonder Farm world
  • Many minigames to unlock
  • A game world with a shop and many characters to talk
  • Find and resolve brain-testing

Porkchop’s Adventure is a wonderful choice for you. Quickly download it for free and take advantage of your abilities into the game.

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