One Week At Springtrap (Official) Free Download

Meet Springtrap and his friends in One Week At Springtrap (Official) Free Download! You are on an adventure to find truths about these animatronics.

One Week At Springtrap
One Week At Springtrap

The storyline of One Week At Springtrap

Are you ready to spend a week with animatronics? You will encounter them while you are working at a scary building for nights. There is a thrilling story that you should explore before you play it. Frazbear’s Fright has been collapsed ever since the fire. Michael was putting his effort into searching for the souls that wanted to be free. The job was almost complete. However, those souls were late to escape before the owner re-opened the place. You have just taken the job at this place. Your mission is to keep the building safe until the reopening.

However, things become harder because of the lost piece of soul. It seems that this soul is going to your place. The soul is right inside Springtrap – a scary animatronic. You have to deal with him through nights. You spend 9 nights at the restaurant trying to uncover all secrets about the animatronics.

Prove your surviving abilities in One Week At Springtrap – an FNAF fan-game, then how you will deal with the animatronics. The game is free to download on PC. Play it now!