One Week At Chip’s Free Download

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One Week At Chip’s Free Download centers on a scary restaurant. You come to the restaurant with a mission – keep the place safe for a week.

One Week At Chip's
One Week At Chip’s

What will you do in One Week’s at Chip’s game?

As mentioned above, your main task is to protect the restaurant for a week. So, your job is more like a night watchman who needs to make sure nothing wrong will happen to the place. Before you take this job, there are several things you should know about the place.

There were some terrible rumors about the restaurant Chip’s Pizza. Therefore, the owner had to close it because of being less attractive to the customers. Then, after a few years, they made a decision on reopening it. They wanted to have a new chance to make it better. Also, they did not want people to remember all the bad things about the pizzeria. The administration is so exciting about the new pizzeria. They are looking for a night watchman. The job is the guard is to keep the new restaurant safe before it reopens.

Like other FNaF fan-games, the restaurant in this title also has animatronics. They seem to be strange at night, even though they are entertainers during the daytime. You have to be brave when you deal with them. Since they will move, you must track their movement through the cameras.

What does the title have?

This fan-made title introduces several great features to players, such as:

  • A point-and-click adventure with creepy elements.
  • A thrilling plot that requires you to dive deeper into to solve the mysteries.
  • New and advanced animatronics with scary appearances.
  • A sophisticated camera system that helps you check on corners as well as rooms in the building.

Have your skills and strategies ready for One Week At Chip’s fan game! The only way to win is to beat all animatronics!


5/5 - (1 vote)