One Week at Chip’s 2 Free Download

You play as Thomas Booker in One Week at Chip’s 2 Free Download. You decide to work at a pizzeria after seeing an ad from the company.

One Week at Chip's 2
One Week at Chip’s 2

The storyline of the title

Similar to other Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-games, this one comes with a plot as well. It focuses on a man named Thomas Booker. He wanted to get a new job. While he was looking for it, he then found recruitment news from a famous pizzeria – Chip’s Pizza. The owner of the restaurant is in need of someone who can work for nights. That’s why Thomas Booker becomes the official guard of the restaurant.

You control the night guard trying to complete the job. The building is famous for some animatronics. They are entertainers, but, they are not funny that much when the night comes. You are the one who will witness all of their craziness and aggressiveness. As a security guard, you take a shift from 12 AM to 6 AM, ensuring that nothing wrong will happen. The owner did not tell you about the animatronics at night yet. They begin roaming through the restaurant. Their goal is to defeat you. Hence, you must check the cameras to track their movements as well as make sure they will not enter your office.

You are equipped with a flashlight, cameras, two doors, and a little bit of power. So, use them smartly for your survival.

What does One Week at Chip’s 2 include?

The game includes several basic features to help you experience scary nights fighting against the animatronics.

  • Terrifying jumpscares from the animatronics.
  • Many creepy sounds to listen to. You will understand how scary the game is.
  • You have a flashlight to light up some areas.

How can you defeat the animatronics in One Week at Chip’s 2 game? Join it now!