One Night with a Box (joke game) Free Download

One Night with a Box (joke game) Free Download takes place in a fun pizzeria. You interact with two boxes and try to survive till the morning.

One Night with a Box
One Night with a Box

What is One Night with a Box about?

In this fan-made FNAF game, you only spend one night. Although it is just one night, it is kind of scary enough. You play as a detective who has to venture into a scary pizzeria. You are looking into a mysterious case. When you enter the restaurant, you see that there are two boxes standing there. These seem to be simple boxes. However, in fact, they are called The White box and The Golden box. They are not normal items. Why? It is because they are moving like humans. How scary it is!

You are here alone fighting against the boxes. You must keep the restaurant safe, find clues for the case, and more importantly, survive until 6 AM. Frequently check two boxes through the cameras then you will know where they are heading to. Try not to let them approach you, or they will attack you.

Can you uncover the mystery about this pizzeria as well as the two scary boxes? This is what you have to conquer in One Night with a Box free download.