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One Night at Flumpty’s 2 (ONAF2) is a horror game developed by Jonochrome, inspired by the popular FNAF. This game requires the player to be in survival mode: run and hide from the villain NPC.

ONAF2 is one of the games in the One Night at Flumpty’s game series, but unlike the first game, it is slightly different and harder as it added more characters to the game.


Flumpty Bumpty is a weird anthropomorphic egg, he and his pal kidnapped you. In one night, they will play hide and seek with you, similar to other FNAF games, if you stay unfound until 6 AM, you win and become their best friend. If they found you before 6 AM, they will rip your face and kill you.

Gameplay One Night at Flumpty’s:

One Night at Flumpty's 2
One Night at Flumpty’s 2

You are given a light switch, a monitor to track the NPC, and two switches for two vents. When Flumpty and his pal get close to you, you have to switch off the light so that they will not see you.

You have an ‘exposure’ meter for every time get caught, when this meter gets maximum, you are considered dead and get jumpscare. Besides, there is an owl that can see through the night, what you can do is to close the vent to prevent it to get you.

Support platform: windows (free download)

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