Official FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney Free Download


Official FNaTI: Nightmare before Disney Free Download is a frightening game with point-and-click gameplay. The first version was launched on Sep 9th, 2016 and there was an edited version on Oct 25th, 2016.


In this game, you are put in a nightmare against the Ink-Blotted toons. To turn them off, you have flicker them away, and apply the cameras to fight against an exact one of the Ink Blots. Also, you have to make use of the medicine beside the Heart rate Monitor to understand how much your heart rate is, and maintain it under 100.

The Former Version

Official FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney
Official FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney

In the middle of the year 2015, a page was placed up for Nightmare Before Disney and was only a Fan made FNaTI game back after that. Rather than the Ink-Blot ideas, that version concentrated on Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 kinds, consisting of horror suits which they were not solved as Toons back after that.

The Game

In this game, there are actual 10 Cameras that the player can make use of with the Monitor, an actual of 7 Ink-Blots

There will be 10 nights, Night 10 aka the impossible night by the author, where all the Al levels are established to 30 the peaks they can go.


Official FNaTI: Nightmare Before Disney is now free download for all players. This will not disappoint you.