Mac Tonight and The Forgotten Ones Free Download

In Mac Tonight and The Forgotten Ones Free Download, you check up on old animatronics and keep the studio safe. Finish all nights to win!

Mac Tonight and The Forgotten Ones
Mac Tonight and The Forgotten Ones

What is your mission in the title?

You become a night watchman working at McDonald’s Commercials. The owner of the place has just hired you. He wanted you to check up on the animatronics as well as keep the Studio safe throughout the night. You thought this was an easy job. However, the more you work, the more mysteries you discover. Everything in the place is in bad shape after being decayed for years.

Mac Tonight’s Commercial Campaign had been lost for years. Now, this Campaign gets a revival. Hence, the owner of the place does not want anything wrong happening to the Studio. He even wants to replace the old animatronics with the new ones that will come for filming. So, what will happen to the old ones? They must be put somewhere else! However, you are facing them as you work. Their codes have had years of rotting. This could change their behaviors at night.

The animatronics may go out of control. Therefore, you need to watch them make sure they will not cause any trouble or even jumpscare you. They lurk in the darkness. They will not stop teasing you through the nights. Get some strategies ready to deal with them, protect yourself, and survive all nights.

Mac Tonight and The Forgotten Ones takes inspiration from Mac Tonight/McDonaldland Commercial Campaigns. It is also an FNAF fan-game with an interesting plot. Download the game for free then start a horror adventure!