Insanity Free Download

Insanity is really what you are looking for! It is a horror game made by Salvage, who wants to make the experience of the players more diversified. You just need to download the game for free simply by a click.


The game sets in an old security office when you have been hired to work as a guard at night. The company told to you that your job is to check and monitor the camera system in the office in order to make sure of the security of this place. However, they forgot to tell you about animatronics who are useful in the day. During your job, you have a bad feeling that someone is trying to approach you closer. But who are they?

We want to let you know the small tip to win the game that is listening. You have to always attempt to hear everything happening surrounding. Even a small sound will reveal something important. As soon as you see the animatronics appear in the hallway, make use of the camera to hide from them. Notice that you should not leave your surveillance camera until you see the robots are going away since they can realize that you are here and they are like to enter your office immediately.

Get ready to download Insanity for free and start things off.