Golden Memory 2 Free Download


Golden Memory 2 Free Download is designed after the author of Weston and Golden Memory R finished these games at the same time.

Golden Memory 2 Free Download is a frightening game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 and 6 games, as mentioned; it was designed by the designer of Weston and planned to be introduced in September or October 2020


Golden Memory 2
Golden Memory 2

This has been seventeen years since Fredbear’s Family Diner closed, Fredbear’s Pizza ShowTime with an additional look and rolling back to rescue all the entities from the former pizza, has been released.

The new pizza restaurant also asks one more security guard. Absolutely, you will play a role as this restaurant’s security guard.

Do not scared and your office’s security needs to be assured. There will be some errands after your night shift. (The uncompleted requirement has been discounted your fee.


Golden Memory 2 Free Download will be significantly better than the earlier version, with the additional characters’ design. The designer stated that he has changed something alongside repairing some script errors.

We all trust that Golden Memory 2 will be a must-try fan game for any gamers. This game will not make you boring and blow your mind.