Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management Free Download

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Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management Free Download was depended on the tycoon mode in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator and it was designed by TechnoG. The game supplied the disparate character from Five Nights at Freddy’s entries, excluding FNaF World and Ultimate Custom Night.


This game will allow you to create and build your own Pizzeria. You will decorate your pizzeria with the wallpapers, then purchase the game and animatronics to meet the customers’ requirements, and increase your ratings to become the leading restaurant.


Completely optional pizzeria
2 separated kinds of pizzeria each with their theme
Animatronics form 6 games (expecting FNaF World and UCN)
Amazing mini-games
Fan-Made Lore Cutscenes

Fredbear's Pizzeria Management Free Download
Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management Free Download


There are many mini-games in this game. Let take a look at them.

Freddy’s Mini-game
Chica’s Cupcake Catastrophe
Golden Freddy’s Bullet Bonanza
Bonnie’s Mini-game
Foxy’s Matching Mania
Nightmare BB’s Mini-game
Secret Mini-game


Assault and Battery: achieve 100 points in Freddy’s mini-game
It’s Me: Finish Golden Freddy’s Bullet Bonanza
Yar har har!: achieve 50 points in the Foxy’s mini-game
Rock on!: Skip less than 10 notes at Bonnie’s Mini-game
I Love Games: Finish Nightmare BB’s Mini-game


Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management Free Download is the combination of many mini-games and characters from 6 games. This means the player needs to play one game to experience 6 other games. We all suggest you to try this fantastic game. It will blow your mind with an excited feeling.

5/5 - (1 vote)