FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition Free Download


Five Nights At Freddy’s World is a role-playing game that is the first spin-off of the FNaF series. This game revolves around exploring and approaching new destinations as well as fighting against enemies. And FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition is a fan-game of FNaF World that will give players the multiplayer mode to enjoy the game. This game is for Free Download on our website.

The original multiplayer FNaF World is returning! It allows FNaF fans to use the multiplayer mode again as previously. There is a vast of different characters and you will select for yourself some of them to start playing. Especially, there is a warning that this game includes several disorienting effects and flashing lights.

FNaF World - Multiplayer Edition
FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition

This version pays attention to some basic parts of FNaF World including the Party Creation, Chips and Bytes menus as well as new stuff like the Settings panel. In the Party Creation, the character stats have new points in the Roles and Strength value.

FNaF World – Multiplayer Edition will bring you an exciting game space. Download this game and discover the breakthrough points of the newest version.