FNAF World Download APK for Android


FNAF World is a role-playing game that lets players control their favorite in-game animatronics characters. It is a fan-made game and can now be played on android by downloading a free APK file.

FNAF World is originally developed for playing on PC, however, it is now available for free downloading on android using an APK file. Unlike the original game, in this indie fan-made version, you will control an animatronic of your choice.

This game is no longer a surviving horror game like the original FNAF games, it is now considered as a role-playing game, in which, the main tasks are to adventure and fight. You will control one animatronics battling against all others.
FNAF World

There are 2 playing modes which are the adventure mode and the Fixed Party mode, which is similar to a Battle Royale match, and 2 difficulties, which is normal and hard.

System requirement:

  • Android 2.3.2 or above