FNaF World: Edge of Time Free Download

FNaF World: Edge of Time is designed by KatUltima who wants to bring the FNAF’s fans new experiences with their favorite animatronics. If you are excited about this game, don’t hesitate to download it for free here.

FNaF World: Edge of Time Free Download
FNaF World: Edge of Time Free Download

In fact, the game is the official continuation of FNAF World Adventure. It happens three years after the events of it. The special thing is that this game consists of a lot of favorite characters such as Candy from Five Nights at Candy’s or Wendy, a newcomer that is from the Five Night At Freddy’s 58 teaser.

This time, the players are able to enjoy new mechanics, a new interesting story, even new subgames. Can you imagine how your adventure will look like once the time is near its end?

In the game, Freddy will summon a lot of friends from familiar characters to new ones. They fight together to stop Malhare once and forever. Are they able to do it? Let’s get started to follow Freddy and his friends in combat to conquer the world.

The game will not feature jumpscares of other horror elements like the original FNAF by Scott Cawthon. Instead, the players can enjoy relaxed moments with a lot of interesting things.

Get ready to download FNaF World: Edge of Time for free here and start things off.