FNAF Project Box Free Download For PC

You give a hand to Charlie in FNAF Project Box Free Download For PC to beat all animatronics. Pass all terrible nights and uncover the mystery.

FNAF Project Box
FNAF Project Box

A unique fan game stemming from the FNAF books

Among FNAF fan-games, this title must be the unique one. Instead of taking inspiration from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games, it is completely based on the books. The game focuses on Charlie (the player). She found herself trapped in the underground pizza restaurant. She has never been here before, so things are so strange to her. Springtrap is taking over the place. He is a very creepy animatronic that wants to kill humans. Can Charlie survive?

You control Charlie trying to solve the mystery about her late father. To that end, you need to make use of six posts. They are a big box, a clock, the monitor, power breaker, as well as two doors of the room. Interact with them well then you will have a chance to survive.

You check cameras using the monitor. This helps you observe places around the room easily. Springtrap is not alone. He is with some friends. Hence, you have to defeat them all. Turn on the power quickly so you can use the monitor. But, you have to use it smartly, or you will drain it. Surviving all nights nets you the ultimate victory.

Key features of FNAF Project Box

The game contains several key features, such as:

  • A unique storyline that escalates your adventure.
  • A challenging yet interesting adventure where you fight against Springtrap and his friends.
  • Pixel-art graphics with amazing effects.

There are plenty of FNAF Download games based on the original titles. However, FNAF Project Box game can stand out from that crowd thanks to its unique storyline. Give it a try!