FNAF: Minigame Mania Free Download

FNAF: Minigame Mania is designed by MessMaker who wants to bring more new and unique experiences for the players. It is an unofficial fan game that is inspirited by one of the best horror games all over the world: Five Nights At Freddy’s. Let’s get started to download this game for free here.

FNAF: Minigame Mania
FNAF: Minigame Mania

In fact, MessMaker made and completed this game in six days only on the occasion of the FNAF birthday. As a result, it may consist of some small mistakes or a few sloppiness. Forget all of these bugs and enjoy the game. If the game is more well-known by the fan community, the author will try to add some more new features as soon as possible.

This game, it is only a simple mini-game coming along with very straightforward gameplay. Your mission is to attempt to fight against Freddy and his friends as well as other threats in the game with the aim of obtaining scores as many as possible. And your final target is to reach the highest score in the celebration of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Although FNAF: Minigame Mania is a mini-game only, it still makes the players satisfied with its horror elements. Don’t hesitate anymore to download it for free and try your best to set your own record.