Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) Free Download

Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) promises to bring the player unforgettable experiences. It is where the look of characters can make you jump. Don’t hesitate anymore to download it for free here.

Five Nights With Mr. Hugs
Five Nights With Mr. Hugs


The game brings you to immerse yourself into a thrilling story that takes place in Freddy Fazbear’s bakery. The bakery essentially delivers cakes for Fazbear restaurant. Additionally, they also make cakes in order to respond to the demand for personal parties to get more profit. Since the air system has broken down, the place is in need of a janitor who will take responsibility to vacuum the filth for this bakery. Incidentally, you are looking for a new job and read the news article. You decide to take this position,

We want to let you know that you should be careful with the self-aware vacuum cleaners. No one can know exactly why they become evil and start to move around the bakery. They tend to suck up everything. Consequently, in case they come near to you, you have to immediately keep them away to defend yourself.

You need to hold the door shut from the security cameras. Notice that your monitor has a charge limitation. As a result, you have to clean the room about 80% before finishing your job or you will be fired.

Download Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) for free and start things off.