Five Nights Before Freddy’s Free Download

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Five Nights Before Freddy’s is a horror click-and-play game inspired by the Five Night at Freddy’s franchise. Enjoy the horror that comes from your childhood animatronics in this game.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is closing due to the malfunction in the animatronics. However, the owner was still in hope of re-opening the restaurant even with a smaller budget in games. First thing first, those animatronics need to be repaired!


You are the night guard who was hired to watch the animatronics at night to observe their malfunction. You work on the night shift from 12 to 6 AM when the animatronics are highly active.

You have heard that they might walk on themselves at night but later discover that there is more than just roaming, they are acting mysterious. There will be a phone guy who calls and give you further direction.

Gameplay Five Nights Before Freddy’s

The gameplay mechanism of Five Nights Before Freddy’s clicks and play just like the other FNAF games, you have available options and equipment to help you hide and survive from them until 6 AM.

Support Platform: windows and android (free download)

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