Five Nights at Wario’s 2 Free Download


Five Nights at Wario’s 2 Free Download is the next part of the former game, Five Nights at Wario’s. The game is a series in a new factory of the present called Wario Ware Inc. where the character, now gather to be called Thomas Taylor, will create the army then the original six, expect Luigi


The gameplay is akin to Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 where there will be no doors and the power of the office is restricted. Although there is no music box, this game duplicates that the Generator must be maintained to uphold the power. ‘

There will be some additional characters with the former army. Those are Toad, Yoshi, and Bowser. Nonetheless, Luigi did not appear anymore. The reason is that he was possessing Richard McRoy.



  • Overview: this is the first character that we want to introduce to you. He roams around at night, in some distant places during this time and he is the most recurring baddies. He used to be a boss at a fast-food factory with his friend, Waluigi, yet they were murdered at work as their spirits rollback, as well as Mario, Luigi, and Peach to harm those who they are believed to be related to the character’s deaths.
  • Appearance: he is partial akin to the Mario game. His eyes are wide-open; his two sets of teeth are missing some teeth. However, when he’s beginning in the Freezing Room, his teeth appear fully and during jumpscare.
  • Gameplay: he will begin in Entrance 1, and then go to the Storage, Freezing Room, and Office Exit before trying to enter the Office. As soon as realizing him outside the door, you need to shut it instantly, or he will attack the door and the light to kill you. Wario also defeats the player when the power is off. His jumpscare includes “jumping” to the player, and then the mouth is widely opened to arm at his side until the monitor cuts to stable.


  • Appearance: dissimilar to the others, Waluigi is taller with the hat and upside-down “L” logo on it. He can appear when crouching or squatting to be suitable for several places. Waluigi is akin to Wario, but he still has the changes from the former design is that his white eyes. His considerable change is that he looks weirder and his arm is longer than before.
  •   Gameplay: He starts from the Entrance 1, and then he goes to Machinery, the bathroom, and the Office Exit. He creates sounds like laughter with slower and slower speed when he is in the bathroom. In the Office Exit, dissimilar to Wario, there will be no noise while opening the door. When realize him outside the door, you have to shut it instantly. If you fail, he will damage the lights and the door before killing you.


Five Nights at Wario's 2
Five Nights at Wario’s 2
  • Appearance: this character is partially similar to the classical version but his head is invisible and the white eyes, the cap and the cap are floating
  • Gameplay: Mario appears in Night 4. Firstly, you will not see him on the cameras. He will star in Entrance 1, before going to the player’s desk screen. He starts with a small look on the desk screen until the screen is fulfilled with his face, it will flicker. After one or two times pull the screen, Mario will be in the Office. At this time, the player has to pull up and down the screen until Mario jumpscares the player. If the player does that, Mario will get out of the room, yet he still rolls back the desk screen again to repeat his mission. One thing that the players have to remember that the next time his bell is ringing, he will appear on the next stage and you must pull down the screen.
  • Strategy: Mario will only come near you when you place down the cameras, not when you pick it up, so you have to avert inspecting the cam during he pulls up. When the clock turns to 5 AM, you should shut the door and wait until he gets out, not inspecting the cam, as long as your battery is enough for your life.

Notice: Although you do not pull the screen up for a long time, Mario still continues developing and this process will not appear on the screen. This makes Mario can transform form the first step to the Office. Thus, if he pulls up the desk screen, he will be in the room despite the skipping times. Mario jumpscare is the wide-opened arms.


  • Appearance: she has a similar look as the Princess Peach from Nintendo games, her eyes look block indifferent and two fangs appear.
  • Gameplay: She begins Entrance 2, and then go to Machinery and the final place is Control Room, before being at the Office window on the right side. The player has to close the window as soon as realizing her on the window. If you fail. Peach will damage the lights and then jumpscare you.


  • Appearance: He has a similar look with the red toad with a colossal mouth and black eyes
  • Gameplay: the gameplay of Toad is akin to the gameplay of Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s 1. On nights 2, you need to inspect on the Tool Storage cam continuously. If not, this will cause the problem is that you do not know that Toad is coming to the office. If Toad is in the office, you need to hide in the backroom.


  • Appearance: the sole difference of Yoshi is that his eyes do not have the pupils anymore and his look is a little straining.
  • Gameplay: He will not assail the player. He only stalks the players by looking through them.


Five Nights at Wario’s 2 Free Download is now accessible. With the additional character, some new gameplay but some old, this game can satisfy the most fastidious players.

We all hope that you will get the most amazing experience with Five Nights at Wario’s.