Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official) Free Download


Five Nights at the Treasure Island is a fangame made by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez. The game is based on Five Nights at Freddy’s and Abandoned by Disney. This is introduced on June 23rd, 2015.


The setting is in the forgotten Disney interest “Treasure Island”. The player plays a role as an internship for a research group and cannot get out of the office during Pirate Caverns

They have to use ten security cameras and inspect the equipment by applying them. The suits were discovered wandering in the night and they must be followed by the player. If a mascot gets in the office, the player must instantly open the screen and remove one of the security cameras, cheat the mascot away. If the player fails to do this in time, the player will die.

An additional mechanic named Power will appear in Remastered 2.0, where the player could turn off the power of the Treasure Island to reboot all the security cameras.

Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official)
Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official)


Your name is Jake Smith and you are a night security guard internship. You need to survive in five nights at Treasure Island.

As mentioned in the Gameplay part, you need to check the cameras and find the way to survive through the nights.

Changes of this version

It adds as well as removes something. A new suit named Suicide Mouse, new places, Hiding, and more color was added. The Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald were removed.


Five Nights at Treasure Island is now free download for all players. This is enhanced compared to the former version. We all suggest that this game is suitable for the faithful of Five Nights at Freddy’s.