Five Nights at Ronald’s Free Download

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Five Nights at Ronald’s is really what you are looking for! This horror game is one of the best replacement for all fans of the official series FNAF but miss the game for any reason. Let’s get started to download it for free and enjoy it.

Five Nights at Ronald's
Five Nights at Ronald’s


The story of the game sets in the old restaurant in which an unfortunate event occurred. The last watchman was fired and that was the reason why he felt annoyed with the action of the manager.

Then he decided to return this place and shot people. After that event, customers stopped visiting this restaurant. As a result, the place was in need of bringing their customers back in order to continue their business. Incidentally, they saw that Froddy’s Fozbear Pizza succeed thanks to the use of animatronics, therefore, MacRonalds implemented their restaurant following their steps. They made a plan to buy animatronic robots to make the children full of joy and happiness. In order to keep an eye on these robots, the restaurant wants to hire a night guard. And you get this job.

One thing you need to notice that the animatronics will behave unpredictably in the night and they want to find someone. Is it you?

Download Five Nights at Ronald’s for free and explore what will happen to you in five creepy nights.


5/5 - (1 vote)