Five Nights at Polar’s Free Download

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Quickly download Five Nights at Polar’s for free here and have an unbelievable experience! Due to the popularity of the FNAF of Scott Cawthon, BreNo Kunioka, a regular fan, decided to make and develop a fan game in order to bring more new experience to the fan community.

Five Nights at Polar's
Five Nights at Polar’s


Similar to some of the fan games of FNAF, this time you also fall in-depth into a thrilling story. It sets in an old pizzeria in which customers came here to have a lot of fun and joys with the contribution of animatronic robots. Nevertheless, for some reason, this pizzeria had to close its door.

No one can know what mysteriously happens. One day, Jeremy found this establishment and he planned to start-up his own business. That is the reason why he wants to hire an employee to work at night shift in order to guarantee the security of equipment as well as robots. Incidentally, you get this job. Your mission is to monitor the surveillance camera in your office to observe every room in the building and make sure everything is proper.

Are you able to survive the five horrible nights at Polar’s? Of what bad things will happen to you next? Download Five Nights at Polar’s for free and find out the answer.


5/5 - (1 vote)