Five Nights at Pinkie’s Free Download


Five Nights at Pinkie’s Free Download is a frightening game that attracts a lot of players’ interacts. This game’s author is Eidenz.

An absolutely thing is that if you play the game, you will become a night follower at the Pink Cup Cupcakes Corner.

Last three years, Eidenz had updated the last version of Five Night at Pinkie’s. Eidenz was so delighted and dazed about the amount of the requirements for this game and this is the reason why this latest version was launched.

The author stated that he never thought that his game would have a long journey like that, beyond his expectation


As a night guard, you must observe from midnight to 6 AM the next morning. Almost your attention must be paid for the animatronics, which have the dangerous intentions.

Five Nights at Pinkie's Free Download
Five Nights at Pinkie’s Free Download


You will be equipped. This area will be supplied with the security cameras yet there will be someplace that will be limited to the light at the entryway and the electric power of this way is restricted, too. Your survival is only dependent on yourself.


Five Nights at Pinkie’s, as many other frightening game, bring to the player creepy feeling that makes the cute thing look more terrible. Five Nights at Pinkie’s is now free download here. Enjoy this game and leave a comment for our site to develop more games