Five Nights at Maggie’s Free Download

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Five Nights at Maggie’s Free Download is a frightening game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game is developed by Manuel Genaro. It was released on March 16th, 2016. At present, this game supplies 2 languages English and Spanish


Five Nights at Maggie’s happens under the background of the pizza restaurant named Maggie’s Magical World. Players will play a role as a security guard at this pizzeria. You will work on the night shift and this starts from 12 AM to 6 AM the next morning.

When the night wears on, the normal animatronics on the daytime become the creepy and frightening entities. They always try to attack anybody on their way. You will be in the office and be supplied the equipment like a screen desk, three doors, and a totally nine cameras.

Five Nights at Maggie's
Five Nights at Maggie’s

You need to obverse the cameras carefully to overcome the challenges and survive until the night ends. Also, you need to assure that the animatronics will not enter your office, otherwise, they will jumpscare you and you will die.


Five Nights at Maggie’s is a frightening game that contains many creepy aspects that give the player the question if they could go through the obstacles. Try it now since it is free to download this game.

5/5 - (1 vote)