Five Nights at Maggie’s 3 Free Download

Five Nights at Maggie’s 3, as its title, is made and developed to be the third game in the series Five Nights At Maggie’s, one of the best fan-made horror games of the original FNAF series. It is highly recommended for fans who have enjoyed the two previous games in this series. Get ready to download this game for free here.

Five Nights at Maggie's 3
Five Nights at Maggie’s 3

In the game, you will put yourself into the role of the main character who will get the job of a nightguard. The story sets in a pizzeria in which two mysterious death of employees happened.

In fact, there was a detective who tried to find out clues to explain for those mysteries but he suddenly disappeared last night. As a result, you decide to apply for the night guard position and come there to make an attempt to search for some stuff that can reveal what occurred. Let’s enter inside the guard office and write down everything you think can be helpful.

During your job, you will be provided a flashlight and batteries bur the flashlight runs out of power so you remember to recharge it instantly. Whenever you see something such as posters, newspaper, or phone, click on it.

Don’t hesitate to get Five Nights at Maggie’s 3 for free download and have heart-stopping moments for five nights.