Five Nights at Maggie’s 2 Free Download

4.6/5 - (5 votes)

Five Nights at Maggie’s 2 definitely does not waste your time! It is designed to be a sequel of the Five Nights at Maggie’s. If you like the first FNAM1, you should not miss this second instalment for any reason. Let’s get started to download the game for free here.

Five Nights at Maggie's 2
Five Nights at Maggie’s 2


The game brings the players to fall in-depth into a thrilling story that takes place takes place at a new location known as Maggie’s Museum. It is the place where you are able to see some secrets that anyone sees the pizzeria “Maggie’s Magical World” and “Guppy’s Magical World. And now, this location is in need of hiring a nightguard to work during the night time and make sure of the security.

You will take the role of this guard with the responsibility of checking and monitoring the camera system to observe every corner of this museum.

We want to let you know that some animatronic robots have a tendency to behave unpredictably and they will leave their position at night. If you see someone appearing on your surveillance camera, protect yourself by trying to drive them off. You are able to use the flashing lights to scare them. If it does not have effect, immediately shut the door down.

Get ready download Five Nights at Maggie’s 2 for free.


4.6/5 - (5 votes)