Five Nights At Freddy`s DARK SPACE Free Download

Five Nights At Freddy`s DARK SPACE will bring you into a new special location: Space! There are a lot of unbelievable things waiting to explore. Download the game for free here.

Five Nights At Freddy`s DARK SPACE
Five Nights At Freddy`s DARK SPACE


Because of the pollution and global warming, CLBT, a space company made a plan to craft a new spaceship for inhabitant evacuation.

For the first time, this project seemed to be big and quite expensive. However, all things were used consisting of a massive number of companies taking their own business to space. Fazbear Entertainment was one of them. After the unfortunate event of the year 1987, they decided to spend their last saved money to have a new establishment in orbit. They intended to bring new animatronic robots, a new show in order to make the customers forget their dark past and come back to enjoy their new franchise.

At the moment, the new restaurant works well but they begin to face some issues with the animatronic robots which make customers bothered and the location forces to close its door temporarily for repairs. As a result, the investigators are hired to research into animatronics during the day and they also want a security guard who works at night to make sure these robots can’t get out of. The job seems quite easy and simple. And you get this job. However, something wrong suddenly happens.

Quickly download Five Nights At Freddy`s DARK SPACE for free and explore the rest of the story