Five Nights at Dolma’s: Aftermath Free Download

Five Nights at Dolma’s: Aftermath is where you are able to have unforgettable experiences! Inspirited by the official FNAF, the game is considered to be the best replacement for the FNAF’s fans if they miss the original game for some reason. Get it for free download here without any hesitation.

Five Nights at Dolma's: Aftermath
Five Nights at Dolma’s: Aftermath


This time, you will have an opportunity to fall deeply into a horror story in which you will play the role of the main character.

After many years of service and tricks, Afton Robotics eventually decides to close its door forever, even close all the warehouses that have a connection with it. After this unfortunate event, an expedition is implemented to Robo-Smith with the key target of gaining all of the old equipment that has never been used and after that, sell it to get profit.

In fact, the trip is considered to be successful and collect a lot of fantastic equipment. Nevertheless, this trip also finds out some prototypes that have never seen the light of day. These prototypes are finally sold at a public auction. But they need to pass an important test which will be performed by a local engineer before they are sent to their purchasers.

What could go wrong?

Download Five Nights at Dolma’s: Aftermath for free and continue to explore the story.