Five Nights at Candy’s Remastered Free Download For PC

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Five Nights at Candy’s Remastered Free Download For PC leads you to a new mystery. Candy and his friends are back. See what they are up to do!

Five Nights at Candy's Remastered
Five Nights at Candy’s Remastered

This title is a fan-made work taking inspiration from Scott Cawthon’s game – Five Nights at Freddy’s. The remastered version takes place after the closure of Freddy Fazbear’s New Pizzeria. So now, people can go to another restaurant for food as well as great stage performances.

The new place is called Candy’s Burgers & Fries (or CB&F for short). The owner of the restaurant is in search of a watchman who can work for nights. His job is to safeguard the restaurant and make sure Candy with his gang do nothing harm.

Tips to play Five Nights at Candy’s Remastered

As a night watchman, you don’t only protect the restaurant but also yourself from a series of animatronics. They are Candy the Cat, Cindy the Cat, The Penguin, Forgotten Candy, Shadow Candy, and more. Here are several useful tips to make your experience better:

  • Activate the Night Vision feature on the cameras when the whole restaurant is in darkness. To do it, you simply interact with a camera so the camera feed will appear. Then, interact with it again to have this feature on.
  • Because the CAM-04 and CAM-06 show outside things of the doors, you should use the Night Vision to check if something is approaching.
  • Toggle the Night Vision as well as use it when needed because it drains your power a lot.

This remade edition marks the fourth anniversary of the famous horror game – Five Nights at Candy’s by Emil “Ace” Macko. The game works on PC with new hardware, not the older one. So, you can download it to your PC and play to conquer a horror adventure.


5/5 - (1 vote)