Five Nights at Candy’s Free Download For PC

Five Nights at Candy’s Free Download For PC focuses on a pizzeria ruled by Candy and his friends. You are here to solve all mysteries of the place!

Five Nights at Candy's
Five Nights at Candy’s

Candy The Cat is ready to tease you through nights

The title is a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game and it becomes a successful work of Emil Ace Macko. Although the gameplay mechanics remind you of the old days dealing with Freddy and his friends, it still brings you a new feeling. The game takes place once people no longer remember Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. That restaurant is gone for good. So now, Candy’s Burgers & Fries will be the new place taking its place.

It is famous for not only tasty dishes but also unique stage performances by the Candy gang. You get ready to meet Candy the Cat, Cindy the Cat, The Penguin, as well as other animatronic mascots. They are the main factor contributing to the increased sales for the restaurant. However, they are also the reason that makes your in-game missions more difficult.

Tips to use the cameras and power in Five Nights at Candy’s

Mastering the cameras will help you deal with Candy and his friends. Focus on the Night Vision because it is the feature that helps you survive in the dark.

  • Simply click on a certain camera for the camera feed. Then, do it again to trigger the Night Vision.
  • Frequently check CAM-04 and CAM-06. Why? Because they display every side of the doors! Have the Night Vision on those cameras to check if anything is getting closer to you.
  • Use three mini batteries smartly. Closing a door will charge a mini power meter of that door.

Can you get through all nights in Five Nights at Candy’s? Prove your bravery in this FNAF-inspired game.