Fazbear’s Simulator Free Download

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Fazbear’s Simulator, which is for free download here, is really what you are looking for. Although it is just an unofficial game of FNAF it stills keeps its own impression. Let’s get started to play together with your favorite animatronic robots.

Fazbear's Simulator
Fazbear’s Simulator

This time, you also play the role of the security watchman with the responsibility of monitoring the surveillance cameras in the office to keep an eye on the behavior of animatronics at night. There is a total of seven cameras so you should check them carefully. Whenever you find out any of the robots are moving and leaving their right position, you have to find any way to protect yourself first.

In the game, you will play with four familiar robots including Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Each of them will have their own behavior and the way to avoid it. In addition, the game also consists of loud noises, jumpscares. Consider your safe before deciding to play this horror game.

One thing is that the game will not support the multiplayer mode. Instead, you only play in the single-player and try to survive the attack of the animatronics.

Fazbear’s Simulator includes seven nights with a lot of challenges for you. Download it for free and enjoy it in your own way.

5/5 - (1 vote)