Fazbear’s Shootout (Test game)

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Fazbear Shootout (Test Game) will tell you another animatronic story in Fazbear Entertainment. In this game, you will experience the first day in Fazbear Entertainment. You certainly will be interested in playing this game.

Fazbear's Shootout
Fazbear’s Shootout

About Fazbear Shootout (Test Game)

One thing you have to notice is that on the first day, you don’t need to do anything except try the arcade machine and play on it.

Even that, you also don’t need to worry about the coins that you spent on. Fazbear Entertainment assures you that all the coins/credits you’ve spent on the arcade will be spent wisely in-game.

It has no reason to bring to the corporate entities to satisfy the investors. Believed that the things you overlook are absolutely worth it.

This game has various levels with their own particular theme, this thing makes the contribution to enhancing the experiences for players. Besides that, the diverse items to purchase as well as the features of Re-playable also create the attraction for this game.

Thanks to Optional OST and the Customizable maps with customizable animatronics, now your experiences is no limitation. Everything in this game is working under your control.

Of course, Fazbear Shootout (Test Game) is available for you to download and try now. Hope you have more wonderful moments with it.


5/5 - (1 vote)