Fazbear’s Shootout Free Download

4.9/5 - (7 votes)

Fazbear’s Shootout is really what you are looking for! It is designed by UE4-FNaF-FanGame-Dev who wants to bring more new and unforgettable experiences for the FNAF fan community. If you are the same, let’s get started to download the game for free here.

Fazbear's Shootout
Fazbear’s Shootout

The game sets in Fazbear Entertainment. At the moment, it is the first day you work in this location. Your mission is to try using an arcade machine. Just play on this machine and do nothing at all. Fazbear Entertainment ensures that all of your credits or coins that you take to play on the arcade machine will be made used appropriately and wisely as well. Definitely, they will not be taken away to corporate entities for satisfying the investors.


The game brings you some outstanding features as below:

  • Consists of many levels coming with their own impressive theme
  • Provides various items to purchase
  • Re-playable value
  • Customizable OST


  • In order to move in this game, press the W, S, A, D keys
  • Make use of RMB, LMB, and A for items
  • In order to interact in the game, press E

Don’t hesitate anymore to get Fazbear’s Shootout for free download here and start things off. Try your best to overcome all of the challenges the game gives you.


4.9/5 - (7 votes)