Fazbear’s Fright: Storage Free Download – Do you dare to try?

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Fazbear’s Fright: Storage Free Download is a horror game released in July 2018. It was designed by DaMikel.


Indeed, a fire has destroyed Fazbear’s Fright completely. The remaining props, even the most unique animatronic, has been up for auction. But luckily, after that, through a call, a former technician said that he was knowledgeable about in which animatronics were stored.


Fazbear's Fright: Storage
Fazbear’s Fright: Storage

In Fazbear’s Fright: Storage Free Download game, the player, of course, will play the role of a security guard surviving against Fazbear’s Fright’s ruined electronic animation after the destroyed location.

Word of the author

The author shared that this was the author’s first attempt at an original fangame FNAF.

After hearing some complaints about the game’s extreme difficulty, the author acknowledged that the game was not easy and wanted the game to challenge even experienced players.

The author revealed that familiarity with the controls would be of great help in dealing with mangles. Please pay attention to turning on and off the heater, and in particular, turn off when the player does not need them.


If you love challenges, then Fazbear’s Fright: Storage Free Download game is for you. Good luck!

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