Fazbear Horror: The Twisted Amusment Park

1.3/5 - (12 votes)

Fazbear Horror: The Twisted Amusment Park is about an amusement park with the Freddy Fazbear theme. You come to this park for some night shifts.

Five Nights at Freddy’s games left a big impression on many gamers who are into horror games. This is the reason why you have plenty of horror FNAF-like games to download and play. For the title above, it is known as a new chapter in the Fazbear Horror franchise. It also took inspiration from the original series. You will have a new adventure to explore.

This time, the game centers on a new amusement park with the theme of Freddy Fazbear and many animatronic attractions. The place also has a café shop with plenty of arcade games to experience. Besides, you can visit other attractions such as the Ferris wheel and roller coaster. These could be your daytime activities. However, you take on a different task at night, which is to guard this amusement park. You must watch over all the attractions in the park to make sure everything is alright. The animatronics of the place will roam the park and attempt to jumpscare. Therefore, you have to beat them all and survive all nights to win.

Features of the game:

  • All the animatronics make a return with some new friends.
  • After you have completed the main night, you will start a nightmare mode.
  • There is an extras menu with various Easter eggs for you to explore.

Fazbear Horror: The Twisted Amusment Park is downloadable for free and challenges your bravery. Play to explore it all!


1.3/5 - (12 votes)